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Brazilian Butt Lift Miami

Dr. Perez-Gurri - Board Certified Miami Plastic Surgeon

Buttock Enhancement -Brazilian Butt Lift

It has become increasingly popular to enhance the area of the buttocks. Whether reshaping existing areas of unwanted fat through liposculpture, the addition of buttock implants or fat transfers to the buttock area, suffice it to say that the end result should result in a more curvaceous and attractive contour to the buttocks. The Brazilian Butt Lift that has risen in popularity of late. It entails a fat transfer to specific areas to achieve a rounder, more firmly shape to the often flatten buttock providing an attractive, prominent rear end. The surgery is carried out by obtaining fat from localized areas such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, flanks and upper arms. In essence, the patient benefits not just from the fat transfer, but changes in contour secondary to the liposuction carried out in order to obtain fat for transfer. The fat cells are purified and washed through a specifically designed system that makes available only the best fat cells for transfer. The transfer itself is performed with specific cannulas with variable degrees of length and diameters. The fat is then transferred along different depths to secure an attractive shape.

You need to remember that transferring fat to achieve an attractive result involves more than just the technical part of harvesting and injecting the fat. The surgeon must have an aesthetic eye ……what looks beautiful, attractive and natural. Unless the surgeon has the capacity to view and anticipate the desired shape, the patient is likely to get unattractive results. Where, how much, how deep need to be questions the surgeon should be contemplating every step of the way. Otherwise, the patient is more likely than not to receive a very unattractive “glob” of fat on their buttocks.

Although there are many studies coming out regarding the longevity of fat transfers, there is no steadfast rule as to how long the results will last. We do know that some percentage of this fat will be re-adsorb. Percentages vary depending on what studies you review.

The procedure is carried out as an outpatient at the Miami Sunset Surgery The center has been accredited by AAAASF. It is performed under general anesthesia administered by a medical doctor certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology. The operative time will vary on how many areas need to be harvested and what amount needs to obtained in order to achieve that beautiful shapely buttock. The patient should calculate the surgery will take approximately 3-4hours.

After surgery you will be fitted with a special compressive garment specifically designed not to put pressure on the newly transferred fat cells. You will be given specific instructions on the aftercare in our office prior to your surgery date. You will be scheduled for periodic post-op visit where you will have an opportunity to speak to our surgeon about your progress.

Who is the ideal candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

The fact that your buttock is flat does not necessarily make you a good candidate for this procedure. Svelte, thin individuals often times do not have enough fat to harvest and subsequently transfer. Good candidates for fat transfers need to be in good health, have realistic goals about the procedure, and have sufficient localized areas of fat to spare in order to produce a good, long-lasting result. In addition, younger patients tend to have better results because of the increased elasticity of the skin. We have found that there is an inverse relationship between patient expectations and satisfaction of results. That is, the higher the expectations, the less likely a patient will be satisfied with their results. We encourage all patients to discuss all aspects of the procedure with Dr. Perez-Gurri.

Today more and more patients are choosing to have their buttocks augmented via fat transfers as oppose to gluteal implants which carry increased complications, larger incisions and a longer recovery period.

What are my risks form undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift ?

Like all surgical procedures, fat transfers carry some risks. Although the possibilities exists, the probabilities are low. These complications include but are not limited to:


These complications, if severe enough, may require further hospitalization and corrective surgery at additional costs. Dr. Perez-Gurri is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery which is the only board recognized in plastic surgery by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). In addition, we strongly urge you to have your surgery performed at an accredited surgery center such as Miami Sunset Surgery Center. The main accrediting organizations are AAAASF, AAACH or JCHO. Miami Sunset Surgery Center is accredited by the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF) considered the “gold” standard. We invite all of our patients to tour the facility and ask any questions about it. Saftey Above All is our moto.

Pre-Op preparations. What should I do?

Like in all elective cosmetic surgeries, there are some minor steps you must undertake for a successful journey. When you contact our office, we will share with you a number of medications, and natural supplements that you must avoid prior to your surgery. Believe it or not there are some natural supplements and vitamins that will potentiate bleeding during surgery.

In addition, you must stop smoking at least 2 weeks prior to your surgery date. Smoking has definitely been proven to affect healing but more important is its effect on lung function. We ask that you wear loose comfortable clothing that opens in front. Please no nail polish on at least the index finger. This allows for the equipment that measures you’re oxygen during the procedure to function more efficiently.

You must have a responsible adult bring you to and from the center the day of surgery. It is strongly suggested that you have this person with you during the first 24 hours.

What about after surgery? What should my expectations be?

A specially designed garment will be made available to you. This garment has the ability to apply selective pressure to the areas where the liposculpture has taken place, yet hardly any on the area of the buttocks. Post-op we do not want you applying any pressure to the buttock region. If pressure is applied to this region, the blood supply to the fat cells will be compromised and there will be a greater chance of losing volume. In addition, by applying early pressure to this area, the fat that has been transferred can be displaced and the original rounded contour can change dramatically affecting the eventual shape. We recommend that you don’t put any significant pressure on the area for at least four weeks. If you must, sit, we recommend certain devices that will cushion and protect the area from receiving the brunt of the weight. We will share these devices with you on the day of your pre-op which will also be the day we will take your pre-op pictures. You will find that you will also need to adjust your sleeping pattern. Many of us sleep face up and therefore this would put undue pressure on the areas enhanced by the fat transfer. Patients should be able to return to work, assuming it is not a job that involved rigorous physical activity, within 10-14 days. After about 2 months, they should experience a full recovery from any pain, swelling, bruising, and soreness, and they should be able to resume intense physical exercise.

What other options do I have to enhance my buttock region?

The other available options are gluteal implants and selective liposculture. Gluteal implants have been around for many years. They consist of a solid silicone material as oppose to the silicone gel frequently used in breast augmentations. An incision is made in the buttock crease or cleft in the center. A pocket is developed under the gluteal muscle just large enough to accommodate the implant. The procedure carries with it a longer recovery, is more painful and the implant has the potential to become displaced giving the buttock an odd shape. There are other complications associated with this procedure including infection and fluid build up around the implant, called a seroma. We strongly prefer other methods of enhancing the buttock region.

There are patients that actually have very beautiful shapely buttock regions but because of surrounding fat in the hip, flanks and thigh regions, the natural shapely contour is not evident. This type of patient would benefit greatly from selective liposculpture whereby using small cannulas the areas can be shaped and the existing shapely contour can be re-discovered avoiding the need for either a fat transfer or gluteal implants. Not all patients are candidates for this selective sculpting of the buttock region. It is very important that the surgeon have what we have previously referred to as the “aesthetic eye”. Anyone can make a small incision and suction fat out but it takes a real artistic eye, experience and technical skill to achieve a work of art.