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Breast Augmentation Miami

Dr. Perez-Gurri - Board Certified Miami Plastic Surgeon

As a highly regarded Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Perez-Gurri is proud to have helped a countless number of women achieve their breast enlargement goals.

He performs breast augmentation with either Saline or Silicone implants, and he offers several implant textures and profiles in order to match the aesthetic needs of each patient. For those Miami breast augmentation patients who desire to also add perkiness to the bustline, Dr. Perez-Gurri offers a combination treatment whereby breast augmentation is performed in conjunction with a Breast Lift.

If you would like to learn how breast augmentation can help you enhance the beauty of your breasts, please explore the paragraphs listed below.

Breast Augmentation with Saline and Silicone Breast Implants

Surgeons have performed breast augmentations through the use of breast implants since the late 1960′s. Since the initial concept and first prototype of implants, much has changed. Breast implants have been made from many different materials in the past, but since the mid to late 1970′s manufacturers have concentrated on saline and silicone gel. Other substances and fillers have been proposed and attempted for breast augmentation surgery but at the present time these two filler materials are the mainstay of breast augmentation. Dr. Perez-Gurri offers breast augmentation with both types of implants. Which implant form is the best for you will be decided during your personal breast augmentation consultation.


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In 1992, there was a great deal of controversy regarding the use of silicone gel implants. Questions were raised regarding their safety and the government placed a moratorium on these types of implants. The government then required the manufacturers to provide safety data. Many scientific papers have been written since 1992 and most have failed to place a direct causal relationship between the concerns raised at the time and actual disease processes. At the present time, silicone gel implants may be used in breast augmentation. Today, breast augmentation patients have a choice of either saline or silicone gel implants.

Breast implants are inserted through the inframammary fold (underneath the breast fold), through the areola or the axilla. They are then placed in front or behind the pectoral muscle. The breast augmentation recommendations will vary from patient to patient. All patients are unique and have different requirements in order to achieve the optimal aesthetic result. What is recommended for you may be totally different than what is recommended for your girlfriend. Remember all women were not created equal.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentations can be performed under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. We have found that our Miami breast surgery patients are more comfortable under general anesthesia. The breast augmentation procedure is performed as an outpatient treatment, allowing you to go home afterward.

Depending on your exact procedure, incisions will vary. Dr. Perez-Gurri will make small incisions under the breast, around the nipple or in the armpit. He will use these incisions to create a pocket for the breast implant. This pocket is created either underneath the glandular tissue (sub-glandular or in front of the muscle) or underneath the pectoral muscle (sub-pectoral). Having established this pocket, the implant is then introduced. If the implant is silicone gel, it will already be filled upon insertion. Saline implants are inserted deflated and subsequently filled through a sterile closed system with saline. The incisions are closed, a surgical bra is placed and you are taken to the recovery room. After allowing time for recuperation, you will be discharged to go home.

Schedule your Breast Augmentation Consultation Today

The above information has been compiled to help you understand what to expect when undergoing breast augmentation surgery. However, only a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Perez-Gurri can help determine which type of breast augmentation surgery is the best for you, and what will happen during and after your procedure. We encourage you to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Perez-Gurri by calling our offices at 305-596-2228 or schedule a consultation online.

It is our sincerest wish that your surgical experience at Imagos Plastic Surgery be pleasant and satisfying. We recognize that all of our breast implants patients experience some pre-operative anxiety and fear. This is why our highly trained, friendly staff will be here to serve your every need and answer any questions you may have. They will assist you throughout your journey toward a more beautiful, more confident you.

  • After Your Breast Augmentation

    You will be allowed to go home after your breast augmentation surgery. You will need to wear the surgical bra for the first few days. We then suggest that you wear a sports bra. Some custom surgical bras are available from different manufacturers and our office will be happy to assist you in this purchase.

    You will experience pain in the first 24-48 hours and a feeling of tightness. This is normal. Pain medication will be provided for you and we suggest that all your post-operative medications be purchased prior to surgery. You should not be the person controlling the meds to avoid self-medication. At home, it is suggested that you rest. You will be asked to come to the office the next day. At this point some bandages may be removed.

    We will need to see you within a week after the breast augmentation surgery for suture removal. Most of our Miami breast augmentation patients require 3-4 days recovery before returning to work or driving their car. If your work requires strenuous activity, you may need 7-10 days. Exercise may be continued after 4 weeks for lower body and 6-8 weeks for upper body. Household chores may be started within the second post-operative week. Every patient is unique and will recuperate differently. Even if you feel great, please do not over-do it.

    Please note that all implants, but particularly if they are placed in a subpectoral position, will tend to ride high on the chest wall during the first 10-12 weeks following your breast augmentation surgery. This is normal and occurs as result of the implants being placed in a tight space comprised of skin and muscle. As each week goes by, the muscle and skin start to adjust and stretch allowing the implants to assume a more natural position. Occasionally this process is not completed and the implants remain high on the chest wall requiring further surgical correction.

  • Breast Augmentation Complications and Expectations

    Although complications are rare, the possibility of complications cannot be completely eliminated. As with all surgical procedures, breast augmentation involves several inherent risks. Dr. Perez-Gurri observes the strictest safety protocols and employs only board-certified anesthesiologists and experienced nurses to minimize these risks.

    One of the more important considerations is patient expectations. Breast augmentation procedure is considered body-contouring and enhancing in nature. It is not meant as a substitute for normal breast tissue. We have found that one of the key factors in achieving patient satisfaction is realistic patient expectations. Expectations regarding the final breast size are especially important. Because it is impossible to precisely determine the post-operative breast size, no guarantee can be given regarding the eventual bra cup size that our breast augmentation Miami patients will wear. A suggestion is made by Dr. Perez-Gurri based on his professional experience as to the size of implant. When making this suggestion, he will take into account many things, including the skin elasticity and the amount of the existing breast tissue.

    There seems to be an inverse relationship with expectation and satisfaction. That is, the higher the expectation, the lower the satisfaction. Body image is unique and what the patient frequently sees may not be what is seen by the cosmetic surgeon. Therefore, it is important that you become keenly aware of your expectations for the procedure, know its limitations and fully discuss any concerns that you may have regarding the procedure with Dr. Perez-Gurri. We encourage questions and have allowed ample time to answer them personally or with our literature and videotapes.

  • Breast Augmentations – Other Questions

    What if I get pregnant?
    Your breasts will grow under hormonal influence just as they would without implants. Following your pregnancy there is involution or “shrinking” of your breast tissue but this will not affect the implant. However, if you are left with excess skin, the breast may sag.

    Can I breast feed?
    Maybe yes and maybe no. You need to fully understand that some women cannot breast feed regardless of implants. If you are able to breast feed there is no scientific data that implants are harmful to the baby.

    Will I be able to feel the implants?
    More than likely. Saline implants seem to have a higher incidence of implant wrinkling or rippling which makes the implants more palpable underneath the skin and in some cases the patient may see the ripples on the skin. This happens more frequently in thin patients and with the use of bigger implants.

    Can breast implants cause cancer?
    Scientific studies have not proven a causal relationship between breast implants and breast cancer.

    Will I need to change my implants?
    Manufacturers suggest that breast implants should be changed after ten years. However, every case is different and patients need to be evaluated on an individual basis. You should know that further surgery would be required in the future either because of complications or normal wear and tear. This means that you will undergo added expenses in the future.

    Are my breast augmentation results permanent?
    Although we cannot state that they are, we know of many cases that were performed years ago, that have remained shapely and full.

    Will my stretch marks go away?
    No. There are no permanent cures for stretch marks. Different creams and remedies exist that temporarily hydrate the skin making the stretch marks less visible but they do not remove stretch marks. Lasers have been utilized to treat stretch marks but are only effective in reducing the color intensity of red/bluish ones. By stretching the skin as a result of the implants, the stretch marks may become less visible.

    What happens if my implants “leak”?
    If you have saline implants, the salt water will be absorbed by the body, processed and eliminated in the urine. Your breast will go flat within hours and you will require further surgery to replace your old, deflated implant. Do not worry; it is not an emergency. If you have silicone gel implants, a leak is not readily apparent from loss of breast volume and other diagnostic tests will be required.