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Breast Lift Miami

Dr. Perez-Gurri - Board Certified Miami Plastic Surgeon

Over the years, gravity affects all areas of the body, including the breasts. Many women notice that their breasts have lost their youthful perkiness and begin to appear saggy. This aesthetic concern can be remedied through Breast Lift Surgery.

As a highly experienced Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Perez-Gurri performs breast lift for women who desire to achieve a more youthful bustline, as well as for women who desire to pursue this procedure in conjunction with breast augmentation. If you would like to learn more about breast lift with Dr. Perez-Gurri, please explore the paragraphs listed below.

Breast Lift Procedure From Dr Perez-Gurri

A mastopexy, commonly referred to as a breast lift, serves the purpose of “lifting” the entire breast tissue along with the nipple/areola and tightening the breast. The breast “falls” downward, or becomes ptotic (pronounced totic) as a result of gravity, aging tissues that lend decreasing support to the breast gland and following pregnancy and breast-feeding. The degree to which the breast falls will be unique to each patient.

The nipple to inframammary fold ratio and relationship serves as a point of reference when assessing whether or not a breast is “saggy” and just how much it has sagged. When the patient is viewed from the side, the nipple should lie above the inframammary fold. As the breast “sags” this relationship changes and so does the degree of ptosis (pronounced tosis) or sagginess.

Plastic surgeons who perform breast lift surgery will frequently refer to the degree of ptosis in terms of numerals I-IV depending on the distance or centimeters that exist in the discrepancy between the nipple and inframammary fold. Various procedures or breast lifts have been arrived at to address the different degrees of ptosis. Because a woman undergoing a breast lift surgery will frequently have an atrophied (shrunken) breast gland, insertion of a breast implant is frequently suggested.

Breast Lift Procedure Guide

breast lift surgery picture

A mastopexy can be performed under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. We have found that our patients are most comfortable undergoing general anesthesia. The breast lift surgery procedure is performed as an outpatient allowing you to go home afterwards. Depending on your exact procedure, the incisions will vary. However, most patient will undergo their mastopexy through what is commonly term as an “anchor” or “inverted T incision” This means that the incision will be around the nipple/areolar complex then extend straight down from the six o’clock position until it meets the inframammary fold (the normal breast fold, inferiorly).

The incision then extends within the limits of the inframammary fold, from the center of the chest to out laterally. Every attempt will be made to make the scars less conspicuous. However, you need to understand that every patient will be different. Another method used for select situations is an incision made just around the circumference of the areola (donut mastopexy). Not all patients are candidates for this operation and therefore, it cannot be used all the time.

Because the basic problem is that there is too much skin for the amount of gland existing, the incisions described above allow your surgeon to remove the necessary skin and be able to tuck the breast tissue, redistribute the glandular mass and reshape the breast. If not enough of your own breast tissue is present, then a breast implant will be utilized to re-establish or enhance the volume of the breast. The breast implant will be placed in a sub-muscular position. The incisions are closed, a surgical bra is placed and you are taken to the recovery room. After allowing time for recuperation, you will be discharged to go home.

The above information about breast lift plastic surgery has been compiled as a benefit to you. We hope that this document has served to better inform you on the proposed procedure. We encourage dialogue. Dr. Perez-Gurri and his staff at Imagos Institute of Plastic Surgery, Inc welcome your questions. We can discuss with you the cost of breast lift surgery and third party financing options.

It is our sincerest wish that your surgical experience at IMAGOS INSTITUTE OF PLASTIC SURGERY, INC. be a pleasant and informative one. We recognize that all patients will experience pre-operative anxiety and fear of elective surgical procedures is normal. Our trained professional staff and doctors of plastic surgery are here to serve your needs and answer your questions.

Dr. Perez-Gurri has dedicated his surgical career to helping all of his patients realize their aesthetic goals. He is particularly proud to have helped numerous female patients enhance both their appearance and self-confidence through breast surgery procedures. Dr. Perez-Gurri’s dedication and advanced surgical skill have allowed him to become renowned as a leading Miami breast reduction, breast lift and breast augmentation provider. In addition to providing breast procedures, Dr. Perez-Gurri also offers a range of body contouring and facial plastic surgery procedures, including Miami tummy tuck, liposuction, and rhinoplasty.

  • Breast Lift Post-op Recovery

    You will be allowed to go home after your breast lift surgery. You will need to wear the surgical bra for the first few days. We then suggest that you wear a sports bra. Some custom surgical bras are available from different manufacturers and our office will be happy to assist you in this purchase.

    You will experience pain in the first 24-48 hours and a feeling of tightness. This is normal. Pain medication will be provided for you and we suggest that all your post-operative medications be purchased prior to surgery. You should not be the person controlling the meds to avoid self-medication. At home, it is suggested that you rest. You will be asked to come to the office the next day. At this point some bandages may be removed. You will have “steri-strips” or small tapes around all incisions that will come off by themselves within the first 10-14 days post-op. If they need to be changed, it will be done in the office.

    We will need to see you within another week for possible suture removal. Frequently, the sutures used are absorbable and will not require suture removal. Check with us in your particular case. Most patients require 7 days recovery from breast lift surgery before returning to work and/or driving their car unless your work requires strenuous activity in which case you may need 3 weeks. Exercise may be continued after 6 weeks. Always check with us. Household chores may be started within the second post-operative week. Every breast lift plastic surgery patient is unique and will recuperate differently. If you feel great, don’t over do it.

    Please note that all implants, but particularly if they are placed in a subpectoral position, will tend to ride high on the chest wall during the first 10-12 weeks following your surgery. This is normal and occurs as result of the implants being placed in a tight space comprised of skin and muscle. As each week goes by, the muscle and skin start to adjust and stretch allowing the implants to assume a more natural position. Occasionally this process is not completed and the implants remain high on the chest wall requiring further surgical correction.

  • Complications Of Mastopexy (Breast Lift Surgery)

    Although complications from mastopexy are not frequent and percentages will vary, you need to be aware that the following complications may occur:


    NOTE: If breast implants are being utilized along with your breast lift, you will be asked to sign the “INFORMATION FOR WOMEN UNDERGOING SALINE BREAST IMPLANTS” or the Gel Breast Implant information sheet

    Some of these breast lift surgery complications if severe enough, may delay recovery time, require further surgery for correction at additional costs and may involve other specialists within the medical field. Please be aware that smokers, diabetics and overweight individuals have a higher incidence of complications when compared to those who don’t smoke, have diabetes and/or are overweight. You should also note that patients undergoing combined procedures (i.e. breast augmentation and tummy tuck) also have a higher complication rate than those undergoing a single cosmetic surgery procedure.

  • What To Expect From Breast Lift Surgery

    These breast lift procedures are considered body contouring and enhancing in nature. They are not meant as a substitute for normal breast tissue. We have found that one of the key factors in achieving patient satisfaction is patient expectation. No guarantee implied or in writing is given regarding the eventual bra cup size that you will wear. A suggestion is made by Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Perez-Gurri based on his professional experience as to the size of implant. Remember that many things are taken into consideration but the one limiting factor is the skin and availability of good tissue coverage for the implant.

    There seems to be an inverse relationship with expectation and satisfaction. That is, the higher the expectation, the lower the satisfaction. Body image is unique and what the patient frequently sees may not be what is seen by the surgeon. Therefore, it is important that you become keenly aware of your expectations for the procedure, know its limitations and fully discuss any concerns that you may have regarding the procedure with Miami cosmetic surgeon Dr. Perez-Gurri. We encourage questions and have allowed ample time to answer them personally or with our literature and videotapes. Please realize that the results obtained through a mastopexy are not permanent. Gravity continues to have an effect on the tissues and the aging process and laxity of tissues continue at the same rate as before. Every patient is different and will have a unique experience.

  • Other Questions About Breast Lift Surgery

    What if I get pregnant?
    Your breasts will grow under hormonal influence just as they would without implants. Following your pregnancy there is involution or “shrinking” of your breast tissue but this will not affect the implant. However, if you are left with excess skin, the breast may sag once again.

    Can I breast feed?
    Probably not. You need to fully understand that some women cannot breast feed regardless of implants. However, after undergoing a mastopexy many of the milk duct connections are interrupted, therefore preventing the normal flow of milk to the nipple. If you are able to breast feed there is no scientific data that implants are harmful to the baby.

    Will I be able to feel the implants?
    More than likely. Saline implants seem to have a higher incidence of implant wrinkling or rippling which makes the implants more palpable underneath the skin and in some cases the patient may see the ripples on the skin. This happens more frequently in thin patients and with the use of bigger implants.

    Can breast implants cause cancer?
    Scientific studies have not proven a relationship between breast implants and breast cancer.

    Will I need to change my implants?
    Manufacturers suggest that breast implants should be changed after ten years. However, every case is different and patients need to be evaluated on an individual basis. You should know that further surgery would be required in the future either because of complications or normal wear and tear. This means that you will undergo added expenses in the future.

    Are my breast lift results permanent?
    No. The normal processes of aging & gravity that cause continued laxity of the tissues eventually lead the breast to sag again. There is no sure way of predicting how long this process takes in any particular individual.

    Will my stretch marks go away?
    No. There are no permanent cures for stretch marks. Different creams and remedies exist that temporarily hydrate the skin making the stretch marks less visible but they do not remove stretch marks. Lasers have been utilized to treat stretch marks but are only effective in reducing the color intensity of red/bluish ones. By stretching the skin as a result of the implants, the stretch marks may become less visible.

    What happens if my implants “leak”?
    If you have saline implants, the salt water will be absorbed by the body, processed and eliminated in the urine. Your breast will go flat within hours and you will require further surgery to replace your old, deflated implant. Do not worry; it is not an emergency. If you have silicone gel implants, a leak is not readily apparent from loss of breast volume and other diagnostic tests will be required.