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Dermal Fillers Miami

Dr. Perez-Gurri - Board Certified Miami Plastic Surgeon

The natural process of aging is caused in large part by the loss of elasticity, decrease in natural collagen, and decrease in hydration of the skin and loss of the natural supporting structures. In our youth our skin is soft, supple and free from tissue damage caused by time, injury (such as the sun) and disease. As the process of aging continues, and the processes above affect our skin, we begin to show the telltale signs of aging. We start to notice wrinkles in our forehead, around the eyes (crow’s feet) between our eyebrows and along the area extending between the nose and the corners of the mouth (nasolabial crease).

Treatment with a Dermal Filler (injectable gels) is a non-surgical approach to correcting the appearance of the lines that form as a result of these changes. We carry the top two injectable gels; Juvederm and Restylane. These products are considered “fillers” and are used to smooth out facial lines.

Miami Dermal Filler Procedure Detail

You will be asked what your areas of concern are. If a dermal filler is indicated, your surgeon will advise you. The procedure is quite simple, requiring multiple injections at various sites. The skin is cleansed with an antiseptic and a topical anesthetic is applied to reduce discomfort during the procedure. Once the area is numb the injections are applied. There may be punctate little areas of bleeding immediately after. This subsides within minutes.

Dermal Fillers Post-treatment

Injectable Gel therapy has the advantage of being performed without any down time. You will leave the office and for the first few hours you may notice slightly raised, punctate areas where the Gel has been applied.

You will experience swelling following your treatment. This is normal. Bruising, however, is unusual. We urge you to apply ice compresses to help reduce the amount of swelling and bruising. Every patient is unique and will recuperate differently. If you feel great, don’t over do it.

The longevity of Injectable Gel Treatment varies with each individual and product used. Like any natural substance, it is processed by our own system and broken down. Juvederm is the newest of the injectable gels and it is FDA approved to last up to 1 year.

Complications Of Dermal Filler Therapy

Although complications are not frequent and percentages will vary, you need to be aware that the following complications may occur:


Some of these complications if severe enough, may delay recovery time.

Miami Dermal Filler Treatment – What To Expect

These procedures are considered enhancing in nature. They are not meant to totally change someone’s looks or eliminate all wrinkles. We have found that one of the key factors in achieving patient satisfaction is patient expectation. No guarantee implied or in writing is given regarding how you will look post-treatment. All attempts will be made by Dr. Perez-Gurri to satisfy your requests, within reason. The end point of this procedure is to fill in your wrinkles, look better and enhanced. Please note that all individuals are unique and will require a different surgical approach. A suggestion is made by Dr. Perez-Gurri based on his professional experience as to the procedure(s) best suited to achieve your aesthetic goals. Remember that many things are taken into consideration but the one limiting factor is the skin elasticity and availability of good tissue.

There seems to be an inverse relationship with expectation and satisfaction. That is, the higher the expectation, the lower the satisfaction. Body image is unique and what the patient frequently sees may not be what is seen by the surgeon. Therefore, it is important that you become keenly aware of your expectations for the procedure, know its limitations and fully discuss any concerns that you may have regarding the procedure with Dr. Perez-Gurri.

We encourage questions and have allowed ample time to answer them personally or with our literature and videotapes. Please realize that the results obtained through Injectable Gel Therapy are not permanent. The body eventually absorbs all materials used.

  • Dermal Filler – Other Questions

    How long does the procedure take to perform?
    It will vary from 15-20 minutes for Injectable Gels.

    Are my results permanent?
    No. At the present time there are no dermal filler products approved for use by the FDA that have any degree of permanency. The longest lasting product we carry is Juvederm, which is said to last up to a year.

    How often can I use dermal fillers?
    There are no restrictions on the number of times in one year that you may subject yourself to injectable gel Therapy.

    The above information has been compiled as a benefit to you. We hope that this document has served to better inform you on the proposed procedure. We encourage dialogue. Dr. Perez-Gurri and his staff at Imagos Institute of Plastic Surgery, Inc welcome your questions.