Mommy makeover is generally appropriate for women who have completed their families and do not plan additional pregnancies.

mommy makeover

Depending on the unique needs of each woman, the mommy makeover treatment can combine several procedures. The goal of these procedures is to remove the unwanted signs of childbearing left after the last pregnancy.

Some of the procedures that are commonly included in the mommy makeover treatment plan include:

If you feel self-conscious because of how your body looks after pregnancy, Mommy Makeover might be for you. While some women return to their pre-pregnancy body appearance with ease, this is an exception rather than the norm.

Most women experience permanent body changes as a result of pregnancy that can be reversed only through plastic surgery.

For example, the infamous lower belly pouch can be removed only surgically during tummy tuck surgery. Similarly, the appearance of stretch marks can be diminished only surgically, and saggy breasts can be lifted only through the breast lift surgery.

Mommy Makeover Miami

Dr. Jose Perez-Gurri is a talented, highly trained Miami plastic surgeon. He has completed many years of advanced medical education, and he continually attends plastic surgery seminars and conferences. Dr. Perez-Gurri’s dedication to remaining abreast of the latest advances in plastic surgery allows him to offer some of the most advanced surgical treatments, such as the comprehensive mommy makeover treatment. This is a highly customizable procedure combination designed to enhance the appearance of the stomach and breasts.

To learn more about Mommy Makeover in Miami, please explore the paragraphs below.

Mommy Makeover: The Procedure

Dr. Perez-Gurri begins each mommy makeover treatment with thorough consultations. The consultations can be performed at his offices or as virtual consultations. During the consultation process, Dr. Perez-Gurri helps each Miami Mommy Makeover patient decide which procedure combination is the best for her. Dr. Perez-Gurri also thoroughly explains what will happen before, during, and after surgery in order to fully prepare his patients for this experience.

On the day of surgery, Dr. Perez-Gurri completes the procedures selected by the patient. Most mommy makeover treatments can be completed during a single surgical session. However, because several body areas are operated on, the surgery typically requires a significant time to complete.

After the procedure, the operated areas are wrapped in surgical garments, and the patient is carefully monitored by Dr. Perez-Gurri’s anesthesiologists and nurses. Dr. Perez-Gurri also remains available throughout the post-surgical period in order to answer any questions or address any concerns his Miami mommy makeover patients might have.

Mommy Makeover: Recovery

After mommy makeover, most patients experience some discomfort and pain. This is completely normal because mommy makeover is a comprehensive surgical treatment.

Any pain can usually be managed with prescription pain medications. Dr. Perez-Gurri recommends that his patients begin walking the day after surgery to prevent blood clots and promote faster healing. However, patients should avoid strenuous activities during the first few weeks after surgery. During the immediate days after surgery, patients should also arrange for someone else to take care of their children.

Most of the bruising and swelling will be gone in one week, and after two weeks most of Dr. Perez-Gurri’s mommy makeover Miami patients are able to return to work. The healing continues for the next few weeks, and the final results usually become apparent within 1-2 months after the treatment. At this time, most women notice that they look slimmer, more proportionate, and more youthful. Unwanted skin and fatty tissue deposits are gone, the stomach looks flat, and the breasts appear perkier. If the patient also received breast implants as part of the mommy makeover treatment, the breasts will also look fuller after the procedure.

Schedule Your Mommy Makeover Consultation Today

If you would like to learn how Dr. Perez-Gurri can help you regain your pre-baby figure, schedule a personal consultation with him today by calling Imagos Plastic Surgery at 305-596-2228 or online.

During your appointment, Dr. Perez-Gurri will evaluate your body frame and skin tissues, review your medical history and ask you to describe how you would like to look after surgery. He will use this information to create a unique treatment plan that will help turn your dreams into reality.

With more than 25 years of experience in plastic surgery, Dr. Perez-Gurri is regarded as a top cosmetic surgery provider. In addition to offering comprehensive mommy makeover treatments, he is a skilled rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, and breast augmentation surgeon.

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