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  1. Traveling Patients: Tips for Traveling for Plastic Surgery

    Whether you are looking for face surgery, breast surgery, or body contouring procedures, your surgeon of choice should be a board certified plastic surgeon by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, highly-qualified and experienced in the procedures of your interest. This not only ensures your safety during the procedures but reassures you in obtaining your… Read More

  2. The Benefits of Having a Closed Rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” is still among the most requested surgical procedures. Some people consider this procedure to help the function of their nose, including correcting breathing difficulties or if they snore. There are also aesthetically motivated reasons someone might want a rhinoplasty. It can fix a nose bump, slim a bulbous… Read More

  3. What Are the Different Types of Lip Enhancements?

    Lip enhancements have grown widely in popularity due to the rising demand for full, pouty, more defined lips. The procedure involves plumping up one’s lips by administering a type of dermal filler. One of the reasons lip augmentation has become so popular is because of how minimally invasive the procedure is and its ability to… Read More

  4. 5 Signs You’re Ready for Botox®

    There’s good reason why Botox® in Miami is one of the preferred ways to reverse signs of aging. It is a non-invasive treatment with no downtime unlike those that require incisions and a lengthy recovery. It is also affordable, and the results can be seen after just a few days. With all the amazing anti-aging… Read More

  5. The Different Types of Peels Explained

    When it comes to revitalizing the skin, chemical peels are the most common cosmetic treatments in the world of dermatology. Chemical peels are a highly customizable way to treat a series of skin conditions, including hyperpigmentation , acne scars, age spots, discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles, melasma, and even rosacea. Chemical peels are designed to chemically… Read More

  6. What Can Be Done to Correct a Double Chin?

    Submental fullness can result from various causes, including weight gain, genetics and facial anatomy. At Imagos Plastic Surgery, we often perform treatments to correct the “ double chin” at our Miami office to help patients achieve a defined neck and jawline. Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Jose Perez-Gurri and Dr. Onelio Garcia offer various solutions to… Read More

  7. Managing Your Diet After Weight Loss Surgery

    After you lose a significant amount of weight, various surgical procedures are available to tighten loose skin and give you a boost of self-confidence. Abandoning your healthy lifestyle should be the last thing you want to do after investing money and time in plastic surgery. A balanced diet can help you maintain your outstanding results,… Read More

  8. 7 Tips for Caring for Your Skin after a Facelift Procedure

    After giving a facelift much thought , you’ve decided to schedule your surgery and rejuvenate your appearance! The results are stunning—your skin looks tighter, there are fewer wrinkles to be seen around your cheeks, mouth, and jawline and you feel and look refreshed! After your facelift procedure at Imagos Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL, now is… Read More

  9. How Is VASER Lipo Different from Traditional Liposuction?

    If you’ve been working hard to achieve a lean, sculpted body by following a disciplined exercise and diet plan, you are on the track. However, diet and exercise can only do so much for the body. It’s very difficult to target specific areas with this approach alone. You might find that you’re not achieving the… Read More

  10. Common Types of Plastic Surgery for Men

    Every day more men are turning to plastic surgery to help regain confidence, reshape their bodies, and reform their physiques to better match their lifestyles and goals. For many years, plastic surgery seemed like a women’s matter, but it turns out that caring about your appearance isn’t only a woman’s concern. Men have specific issues… Read More