Are Selfies Making More People Want Facial Surgery?

Posted January 27, 2017

Social media has taken the Internet world by storm. We are constantly uploading images of ourselves and making updates about our lives. Among one of the most popular photo angles is the selfie. Now more than ever, we are taking numerous photos that include plenty of close-ups of our faces, and there are many filters […]

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Men Can Get Cosmetic Surgery Too!

Posted December 22, 2016

When plastic surgery first made its debut, women were the ones who took to its appeal. It isn’t surprising, as women have a lot of pressure to look beautiful and have a thin figure to fit the female ideal. Although the majority of the plastic surgery market is fueled by women, more and more men […]

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Facelift Miami – Facial Rejuvenation

Posted May 06, 2016

The Facelift Miami is a procedure that Dr. Perez-Gurri has performed many times to help both men and women achieve a more youthful, fresh appearance. As we get older and our skin loses elasticity, we often notice our skin sagging. Similarly, the loss of valuable fats can results in sagging and wrinkles of the lower portion […]

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