Posted April 13, 2017 in Liposuction

Getting rid of fat can be difficult. It can be frustrating when people follow a rigorous exercise routine and eat a nutritious diet yet fail to achieve their desired results. For many men and women, the hardest areas to lose excess fat from are the abdomen and waistline. Those who have a little too much bulge in the middle often find it difficult to wear certain fashions due to them feeling too “snug.”

When diet and exercise fail to produce the desired results, plastic surgery is an ideal option for targeting unwanted fat. Liposuction is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess fatty tissue from troublesome areas that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. This procedure is perfect for patients who just need a little help to achieve a slimmer figure with better-sculpted curves.

Imagos Plastic Surgery LiposuctionThe Perfect Procedure for Healthy Individuals

Am I A Candidate for Liposuction?

Patients who are at or near their target body weight and want to lose a few inches from their waistline are ideal candidates for liposuction. It is important that patients are realistic in their expectations and are physically healthy. Liposuction is not a weight loss solution but rather a body contouring procedure to sculpt and remove unwanted fat.

How Is Liposuction Performed?

Although liposuction is commonly performed on the abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs, and love handles, power-assisted lipoplasty (PAL) and VASERlipo® can be used to remove excess fat from almost any area of the body. Dr. Perez-Gurri and Dr. Garcia utilize the PAL and the VASERlipo® technique when performing liposuction.

Liposuction is performed using general or local anesthesia. Small incisions are made in the target areas, and a tumescent solution is injected into the tissues to break up the fat. A cannula attached to a vacuum device is inserted into the incisions to suction out the fat, and the cannula is moved in a radial fashion to contour and smooth the area. Incisions are then closed, and a compression garment is placed over the treated areas.

How Long Do Liposuction Results Last?

A common question among patients is, “Can fat return after liposuction?” Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Although the fat cells removed from the target area are permanently destroyed, patients can still gain fat in the surrounding areas. The patient may have fewer fat cells, but the remaining fat cells can grow and expand if they experience weight gain. Those who are willing to maintain their weight following liposuction will achieve the best results. Ultimately, patients are more likely to fit into their jeans again and achieve a beautifully shaped body that complements their entire physique.

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