Non-Surgical Body Contouring

Non-Surgical Body Contouring Miami, FL

Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic wave technology is now being used to treat a wide variety of cosmetic problems, and the ZWave Pro is one of the most advanced acoustic devices on the market. With this amazing technology, our team can minimize the appearance of many different types of blemishes ranging from loose skin to cellulite. This technology is also an excellent option for women who are struggling with capsular contracture after undergoing a breast augmentation procedure. Here is a quick look at just a few of the reasons why non-invasive acoustic therapy has become so popular in recent years.

Acousticwave therarpy procedure

Every single patient has slightly different needs, and that is why we must come up with personalized treatment plans. As a general rule, a patient is going to need at least three or four acoustic treatments, but some patients need six or more sessions. Those sessions usually take place once every few days, and you shouldn’t notice any side effects other than some mild discoloration in between the appointments. The treatment itself is carried out in a private room where you can relax in a comfortable chair. Once the machine is on, you probably won’t notice anything other than gentle warmth. Following each appointment, you won’t have to make any changes to your daily routine other than trying to remain as healthy as possible.

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Over the last few decades, doctors throughout the world have been on the lookout for new ways to treat cosmetic blemishes without carrying out invasive operations. While many of those surgeries are extremely safe and have relatively high success rates, they can be problematic. Following a major procedure, a patient might have to recover in bed for multiple weeks at a time. Some patients are also left with unwanted scars in highly visible areas.

With acoustic therapy, you can avoid many of those drawbacks while still enjoying world-class results. The ZWave Pro machine is nothing more than a small device that has a handheld unit attached to it. When the device is turned on, it bombards the treatment site with pulses of acoustic energy. After years of exhaustive research, doctors discovered that the outer layers of connective tissue can be physically altered with acoustic waves and other forms of energy.

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Acoustic Wave Therapy Benefits

There are many different reasons why patients and doctors throughout the world have turned to the ZWave Pro device. One of the biggest benefits of this technology is the fact that it is completely non-invasive. During each of your treatments, you won’t have to worry about any harsh anesthetics, injections, or incisions. The treatment only takes a few minutes to carry out, and you can immediately resume all of your normal daily activities.

For those who are struggling with moderate to severe capsular contracture, the ZWave Pro device might be an ideal option. In the past, that condition was often treated with an invasive operation, and the recovery could take weeks. Some patients would even need to replace their implants once the scar tissue had been treated. Acoustic wave therapy allows us to gently break apart the scar tissue without making any new incisions. As an added bonus, the results of this procedure often last for a year or longer with the proper aftercare.

In the weeks following the first round of treatments, a few important processes are going to occur. In addition to the connective tissue becoming more elastic, the area will also be flooded with fresh collagen. That two-step approach can have a huge impact on the appearance of one’s imperfections, and the results often last for quite some time as long as the patient continues to care for their skin.

Our team can use the ZWave Pro machine to treat a long list of unwanted blemishes. Many patients head to our clinic because they are tired of dealing with cellulite. Even though cellulite won’t result in any serious medical complications, it can become very unsightly. Over the years, some of your connective tissue is going to break down, and that might result in the dimples and bulges we call cellulite. Gaining and losing weight will also impact the appearance of your skin, and those weight fluctuations will sometimes lead to cellulite, stretch marks, and other unwanted imperfections.

Another issue that can be treated with the ZWave Pro is a medical complication known as capsular contracture. After an implant is placed in the breast, the body creates space for the shell by building up a layer of scar tissue. Capsular contracture occurs when the surrounding soft tissue hardens and begins to shrink around the implant. Practically every patient will experience some level of capsular contracture after a breast augmentation procedure, but the symptoms tend to be very mild. If the contracture becomes worse, then you might want to consider treating the scar tissue with acoustic therapy.

Post-Lipo Ultracavitation Miami, FL

Following liposuction, a patient might think that they are immediately going to have the body of their dreams. Even though liposuction is an exceptionally effective procedure that has helped countless patients reach their cosmetic goals, the results are going to vary. After that operation, some patients are going to deal with lumpy skin and other cosmetic issues, and that is why our team offers post lipo ultra cavitation in Miami. This post-op procedure allows us to further refine the results of your liposuction operation while creating the sculpted look that you have always wanted.

Liposuction continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic treatments around, and hundreds of thousands of patients undergo this operation every single year. The primary goal of liposuction is to remove stubborn pockets of fat that aren’t responding to dietary changes and exercise. While this operation is highly effective, it can result in some unwanted side effects.

Our Med Spa in Miami, offers a customized plan for you after your liposuction surgery. Our Med Spa Director start off with an initial consultation to develop the right treatment plan for you. 

Following liposuction, some patients develop smaller bulges of fat that give their skin an uneven or lumpy appearance. Loose skin is another problem that some patients struggle with, and those cosmetic problems are very difficult to get rid of without professional help. Ultra cavitation allows us to tighten loose skin and smooth out the treatment site to create a more toned appearance. This non-surgical and non-invasive fat removal procedure might be exactly what you need to finally achieve your cosmetic goals, here in Miami.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Benfeits

  • Breaks up stubborn fat
  • Improve deep scars
  • Non-Invasive & No Recovery Time
  • Painless
  • Results seen after first session
  • Helps target excess scar tissue
  • Quick treatment duration
  • Improves Cellulite
  • Can target specific areas

How Does Acoustic Wave Therapy Work?

Before delving into how this procedure is carried out, it is important to take a look at the technology behind ultracavitation. Also known as ultrasonic cavitation, ultracavitation is a relatively new treatment that is typically scheduled after liposuction. That being said, ultracavitation after childbirth is popular as well. Some patients have this carried out as a standalone treatment simply because they want to sculpt a firm and toned body.

Many years ago, researchers began to realize that they could damage fat cells with ultrasonic waves while leaving the rest of the soft tissue completely intact. When a machine produces ultrasonic waves set at a certain frequency, the fat cells will quickly become damaged.

As soon as the fat cells have been weakened, the body is going to respond by metabolizing them. Following this procedure, the damaged fat cells are naturally expelled by the body.

Ultracavitation also stimulates the outer layers of your soft tissue, and that can be very beneficial if you are struggling with loose skin. After losing a significant amount of weight or having liposuction carried out, you might struggle with loose skin throughout your body. With this procedure, we can stimulate the production of vital proteins that are going to tighten loose skin. This two-step approach allows us to create amazing results, and you won’t have to worry about a lengthy recovery or any lingering side effects.

Well before you have liposuction carried out, you should think about scheduling follow-up ultracavitation appointments. Ultrasonic cavitation after liposuction has become quite popular in recent years, and most patients only need to schedule a handful of treatments. Even though every single case is slightly different, this procedure typically follows the same few steps.

When you first arrive at our office, one of our team members will take you to a private room where you can relax in a comfortable chair. We can then have a team member guide the ultracavitation device directly over the treatment site for a short period of time. That device is nothing more than a small machine that is attached to a handheld wand that is placed right over the skin. Some patients claim that they feel a warm or tingling sensation while others feel hardly anything at all.

If you are going to schedule ultracavitation after liposuction, then we might suggest as many as 10 or 12 appointments. In addition to speeding up your recovery, this treatment is also going to tighten loose skin and create a more toned appearance. To treat localized body fat, some patients only require five or six treatments. Those appointments are typically scheduled at least a few weeks apart so that the body has enough time to expel the damaged fat cells.

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Results and Recovery

Every patient is going to have slightly different results, but this treatment has a very high success rate. After your first round of body cavitation sessions, you might begin to notice some distinct changes to your appearance. Your skin should smooth out and become much more toned as the unwanted bulges begin to disappear. Even though ultracavitation isn’t a weight-loss treatment, some patients enjoy a large circumference reduction following this procedure as well. To maximize your results, we suggest that you stay hydrated, stick to a very healthy diet, and follow a strict exercise routine.

Here at Imagos Institute of Plastic Surgery in Miami, we want to help every single one of our patients rebuild their confidence. No matter what type of cosmetic issues you are struggling with, our team can come up with a comprehensive plan that will allow you to sculpt the body of your dreams and boost your self-image. In addition to offering ultrasonic cavitation after liposuction, we can also assist our patients with tummy tucks, mommy makeoversfacelifts, and many other procedures. Please schedule a complimentary in-person or virtual consultation with Izabella Udler, RRFUCS to help achieve your beauty goals.