Breast Lift

Breast Lift Miami, FL, with Imagos Plastic Surgery

Restore a Perkier Bustline with a Breast Lift from Imagos Plastic Surgery

Every year, countless women undergo breast augmentation to enhance the size and shape of their breasts. Many patients have naturally small breasts, and breast augmentation helps them achieve the full, voluptuous breasts and enhanced cleavage they have always desired.

The processes of aging, breastfeeding, and gravity will eventually affect the entire body, including the breasts. Many women will notice that the perky breasts they once loved have gradually descended. The breasts begin to droop downward with ptosis (sagging) and lack support. The more the breasts sag, the more the breasts lose their shape, volume, and appeal. 

Women who desire a more youthful bustline may be interested in breast lift surgery, or mastopexy. Breast lift surgery with Dr. Jose Perez-Gurri or Dr. Onelio Garcia in Miami involves lifting and tightening the breast tissue along with repositioning the nipple-areolar complexes.

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How is a breast lift performed? Miami board certified plastic surgeon explaining how a breast lift is done.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure that can lift and tighten a woman’s breasts. The surgery can also resize an overly large areola (the dark or pink area surrounding the nipple). Breast lift surgery works by meticulously removing, repositioning, and tightening skin and breast tissue to sculpt a new breast contour. A breast implant can also be included to add volume and fullness to the breast. 

Our surgeons can also include the GalaFLEX Mesh, a knitted surgical implant that supports breast tissue during a breast lift to give extra strength to the breast tissue. 

What are the Benefits of a Breast Lift?

Perkier, Lifted Breasts

Many women consider youthful breasts to be an ideal trait. When the breasts begin sagging due to the effects of aging, pregnancy, or weight loss, a woman may feel less confident about her appearance. Once a breast lift surgery is performed, women can feel happy about their newly rejuvenated and perky breasts.

Better Cleavage

Breast lift surgery is designed to improve the aesthetics of the breasts, which can enhance a woman’s self-image. Once the breasts are restored to a more youthful position, women can feel more confident about their bodies, either unveiled or underneath clothing.

Restored Volume

Women with sagging breasts often notice that more revealing or tighter clothing styles fit them awkwardly. Breast lift surgery gives women lifted and fuller breasts, which allows them to fit into clothing better. They can proudly wear tank tops, form-fitting t-shirts, bathing suit tops, and other clothing that they typically steered away from before.

Improved Physique

The breasts are important to a woman’s frame and can affect her entire silhouette. Breast lift surgery offers subtle changes that can make a noticeable difference. Not only will women notice the transformation in the appearance of their breasts, but they will likely see an overall improvement in their physique due to a more balanced and attractive breast contour.

Envision your Reality with Confidence

Imagos Plastic Surgery offers the latest advances in the field of cosmetic surgery and image enhancement.  We will work closely with you to develop a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.  Book your FREE consultation with us today! 

Breast Lift Surgery Combinations

Often, breast augmentation is combined with a breast lift to enhance the natural results of the procedures. During your consultation, Dr. Perez-Gurri and Dr. Onelio Garcia will explain the benefits of this approach and provide you with the best options for your desired results and needs.

Mommy makeover surgery is an ideal procedure that many women have taken advantage of to remove unwanted signs of weight fluctuation. A mommy makeover combines several plastic surgery procedures into one surgery to help women look better after breastfeeding, childbirth, and weight loss. A breast lift and a tummy tuck are very commonly included in mommy makeover treatment plans, along with breast reduction, breast augmentation, liposuction, VASER lipo, and more.

Enhancing your image

Our job is to help you realize your dreams by offering the latest advances in the field of cosmetic surgery and image enhancement.

Why Should I Choose Imagos Plastic Surgery for my Breast Lift?

At Imagos Plastic Surgery, patients will receive the highest quality of service, a tailored surgical plan, and personal care by highly skilled medical professionals. We prioritize:

  • Communication — This is a crucial element of the surgeon-patient relationship. We strive to establish open communication with each and every patient before, on, and after your surgery date.
  • Honesty — We strive for honesty during every step of the process. We value your health, safety, and well-being above all and will only recommend procedures that we feel would be beneficial to you. 
  • Empathy — We realize how courageous a patient must be to reach the decision to undergo elective aesthetic surgery. We will do everything we can to educate you, make you feel heard, and let you have a say in every step of the process.
  • Time — While many clinics will have you only meet with a patient coordinator in rushed appointments, at Imagos, you will meet directly with your surgeon for your consultation and follow-up appointments after surgery.