Breast Lift

The Youthful Breast Shape You Desire

Perkier, Lifted Breasts
Most women consider youthful breasts an ideal trait. When the breasts start sagging due to the effects of aging, pregnancy, or weight loss, a woman may feel aged and less feminine. Once a breast lift surgery is performed, women can feel happy about their newly rejuvenated and perky breasts.
Better Cleavage
Breast lift surgery is designed to improve the aesthetics of the breasts, which can improve a woman’s entire self-image. Once the breasts are restored into a more youthful position, patients can feel confident about their bodies either unveiled or underneath clothing.
Restore Volume
Many women who are experiencing breast sagging notice that more revealing or tighter fashions can fit them awkwardly. With more lifted and fuller breasts after breast lift surgery, women can fit into clothing better. They can proudly wear clothing such as tank tops, form-fitting t-shirts, and bathing suit tops that they had typically steered away from before.
Improved Physique
The breasts are important to a woman and can affect the entire silhouette. Breast lift surgery offers subtle changes that can make a noticeable difference. Not only will women notice the transformation in the appearance of their breasts, but they will likely see an overall improvement in their physique due to a more balanced and attractive breast contour.

Breast Lift Options

Every year, many women undergo breast augmentation to change the size and shape of their breasts. Many patients have naturally small breasts, and breast augmentation helps them achieve the full, voluptuous breasts and enhanced cleavage they have always desired.

The process of aging, breast feeding and gravity will eventually affect the entire body, especially the breasts. Many women will notice that the perky breasts they once had, have descended over time. The breasts begin to droop downward with ptosis (sagging) and lack support. The more the breasts sag, the more the breasts start to lose their shape and their appeal. Women who desire a more youthful bustline may be interested in breast lift surgery, or mastopexy. Breast lift surgery with Dr. Perez-Gurri in Miami entails lifting and tightening the breast tissue along with relocating the nipple-areolar complexes.

  • Anchor Incision “Inverted-T Incision”
  • “Donut” Breast Lift Incision
This procedure can be combined with a Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction. These are the implant types used:
  • Saline
  • Silicone
    • Smooth Implants
  • Saline
  • Silicone
    • Smooth Implants

During a Breast Lift your nipples and areolas may be repositioned to a higher postion to to the center front of the breasts to create a symmetrical look. In addition, they can be reduced during the procedure. However, before the surgery, Dr. Perez-Gurri and Dr. Onelio Garcia will discuss with you the best options for your plastic surgery goals.

Breast Lift Surgery Combinations

Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift​

Many times Breast Augmentation is combined with a Breast Lift to enhance the natural results of the procedures.  During your consultation, Dr. Perez-Gurri and Dr. Onelio Garcia will provide you with the best options for your desired results and needs. 

Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck (Mommy Makeover)

Pregnancy can change a woman’s overall physique, especially her breasts. Following childbirth, most women experience a loss of breast volume. Women who have minimal sagging and would like to regain breast volume are ideal patients for breast augmentation. Mommy Makeover surgery with Dr. Perez-Gurri in Miami, is an ideal procedure many mothers have taken advantage of to remove unwanted signs of childbearing. The Mommy Makeover combines several procedures into one operation to help a woman regain her pre-baby body.







Common concerns

Patients can return home the same day following their breast lift surgery. A surgical bra should be worn for the first few days. After, it is suggested that patients wear a sports bra for 6 to 8 weeks. Patients will return the next day for their post-operative appointment. Patients should get plenty of rest and avoid work and certain activities, such as driving, for at least one week. For at least four weeks, strenuous activity should be avoided, and exercise should be avoided for six weeks. Incisions will be covered with Steri-Strips™ or small tapes that will come off by themselves in 10 to 14 days.

Breast lift surgery will entail some scarring; however, scars will gradually fade as the incisions heal and become less noticeable over time. Dr. Perez-Gurri and Dr. Garcia try to make every incision as inconspicuous as possible.

The cost of breast lift surgery will depend on the type of breast implants, surgery plan, doctor’s experience, and geographic location. Schedule a free consultation to receive a quote.

For the first 24 to 48 hours, patients will experience some discomfort and pressure. Pain medication can be taken orally to ease any discomfort.


Breast Lift Financing Options

At Imagos Plastic Surgery, we believe that nobody should face roadblocks when trying to look and feel amazing. We work with our patients to develop financing options that are affordable and convenient for them. Plastic surgery isn’t only for the elite, and that’s why we work with straightforward financing companies that understand the needs of our patients.

Our financial advisors can walk you through all of your options, answering any questions you may have on the way.

We work closely with the leading lenders for the healthcare industry. Since everyone’s credit history and payment options won’t fit a one-size-fits-all plan, we don’t believe in offering only one financing avenue. We work closely with CareCredit®, Alphaeon® Credit, PROSPER, and United Medical Credit to find you the financial solution that meets your needs. You can easily apply and see what you’re approved for by clicking the links below.

Alphaeon Credit Financing CareCredit Financing AvailableUnited Medical Credit

An “anchor incision,” also known as the “inverted-T incision,” is commonly used, which is made around the nipple-areolar complex and extends straight down to the six o’clock position until it meets the inframammary fold. A “donut” breast lift incision may be used instead, which is made around the perimeter of the areola only. Typically, the donut technique is for women with a mild to moderate degree of sagging. Through the incisions, excess skin is removed, the breast tissue is tucked in, glandular mass is redistributed, and the breasts are reshaped.

As with any surgical procedure, breast lift surgery can have some risks and complications, some of which may include:

Visible scarring
Altered nipple or skin sensation
Contour irregularities
Anesthesia risks

In 1992, there was a huge controversy questioning the safety of silicone breast implants. However, there was no scientific data found linking silicone breast implants to any diseases or other concerns that were raised at the time. Today, silicone breast implants are FDA approved as safe and effective for use in breast augmentation surgery.

General anesthesia is administered during the surgery.

Breast lift surgery is designed to lift and reshape the breasts. If a patient desires a larger breast size, it may be recommended for them to combine a breast augmentation with their breast lift. Breast augmentation involves the use of breast implants placed in a submuscular or subpectoral position. Patients who undergo a breast lift and augmentation will notice that the implants ride high on the chest wall for 10 to 12 weeks before they drop into a more natural position.

While breast lift surgery can provide long-lasting results, the normal processes of aging and gravity will still continue, and the breasts may eventually begin to lose elasticity and sag. Every patient is different, and it is hard to determine how long each patient’s results will last. A healthy lifestyle can help maintain your results for as long as possible.

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