Staff pic

KATHY CRUZ – Marketing Director / Practice Manager

  • Responsible for all non-medical / non-surgical aspects of our plastic surgery practice.
  • Meets with patients and discusses fees and costs. Makes sure the patient is fully informed about the procedure details.
  • Assists out-of-town patients with coordinating their trip and stay.
  • Obtains financing for patients based on their specific needs.

MILLY MENGUAL – Patient & Surgical Coordinator
MONICA ORTIZ – Patient Coordinator and Aesthetic Consultant

  • In charge of preparing patients before surgery and making sure they have a smooth transition throughout.
  • Obtain all medical clearances prior to any surgical intervention.
  • Greet patients, get them ready for initial consults and provide quality patient care.
  • Meet patients and discuss fees and costs. Make sure patients are well-educated on procedure details.
  • Obtain financing for patients based on their specific needs.
  • Schedule surgery at the different ambulatory surgery centers and/or hospitals.
  • Provide details on facial fillers, Botox and Obagi skin care products.

Receptionists JANET DENIS

  • Greet and sign in patients.
  • Answer phones.