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If you are considering liposuction because you are tired of your troublesome pockets of fat but also desire firmer skin and less recovery time, then VASERlipo® may be the fat removal procedure for you. At Imagos Plastic Surgery in Miami, Dr. Onelio Garcia—the national leading authority on VASERlipo®—performs VASERlipo® on patients who are looking to slim their physique with few side effects. VASERlipo® is the safest, most effective form of fat removal on the market.


Ideal candidates for VASERlipo® are in good health and have realistic expectations about their results. Men and women can benefit from VASERlipo® to eliminate stubborn areas of unwanted fat. People considering VASERlipo® have had trouble removing fat through diet and exercise. If you have minor skin laxity, you may also see the skin-tightening effects of VASERlipo® following your treatment.

Treatment Areas

  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Neck
  • Buttocks
  • Breasts
  • Chin

Why Have Your VASERlipo® With Dr. Garcia?

Dr. Garcia is the national trainer for VASERlipo®. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years experience, and he has the skill and knowledge necessary to sculpt you a new, more defined body through VASERlipo®. He participates as part of the clinical faculty in the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Miami as a professor, training residents in plastic surgery. He has published numerous articles on body contouring surgery. In addition, he has authored five chapters on VASER Liposuction in well-respected medical textbooks. He lectures frequently on the topic of VASER Liposuction as invited faculty at national and international plastic surgery conferences.


VASERlipo® is performed as an outpatient procedure. Dr. Garcia begins by placing small access incisions along the treatment area. A tumescent solution containing epinephrine is injected into the tissue, shrinking the blood vessels. The probe is then inserted through the incisions.

VASERlipo® achieves its outstanding results by using ultrasonic energy. This specialized energy is lipo-selective, targeting only fat cells and leaving the surrounding tissue intact. The ultrasonic energy separates the fat into smaller particles that mix with the previously injected tumescent solution, and the fat solution is then easily removed in a liquid form via suction through a cannula. The incisions are then closed.


  • VASERlipo® results in less bruising, swelling, and postoperative pain than traditional liposuction techniques.
  • The lipo-selective nature of VASERlipo® preserves the surrounding tissue for smoother results.
  • The energy used for VASERlipo® also assists with the contraction of overlying skin for firmer, more youthful skin.

Combine With Body Contouring

Dr. Garcia commonly combines VASERlipo® with other body contouring procedures. Patients considering tummy tuck, breast reduction, or neck lift surgery can benefit from combining VASERlipo® with their procedure. Since many patients considering body contouring also have unwanted deposits of fat, utilizing VASERlipo® helps provide better definition and a slimmer physique.


More patients choose VASERlipo® because of the faster recovery time. You may experience some minor bruising and swelling following your treatment, but it is often significantly less than that associated with traditional liposuction techniques. You can return to work within five days of your treatment, and swelling begins to subside within two to three weeks of your procedure. Most patients’ final results can be seen within three months of their VASERlipo® treatment.


VASERlipo® targets only fatty tissue and liquefies it, which makes for an easier removal process, allowing you to achieve more dramatic results that are long lasting.

While VASERlipo® doesn’t prevent new fat growth, patients who maintain a healthy lifestyle find that their results last for years. Most patients don’t develop visible scarring because of the small incisions and discreet placement. If you do develop scarring, it is likely to fade over time.

If you are ready for a more sleek and toned physique, schedule your consultation at Imagos Plastic Surgery today. Call our office at 305-596-2228 or contact us online.

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