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A Smaller Nose
A nose that you think is too large can draw unwanted attention to the center of your face. Rhinoplasty can remove excess cartilage to reshape your nose and create a smaller nasal profile. This process can improve the look of a “beak-like” nose that is often associated with a drooping nasal tip.
A Slimmer Nose
Wide or prominent nasal humps, which often result from a broken nose, can prevent your nose from having that attractive streamlined look that is popular among many people. Dr. Perez-Gurri can sculpt the nasal bridge to achieve a slimmer, and often more dainty, nose.
Better Facial Balance
Prominent nasal structures can create disharmony among your facial features. A nose that is too large can make other aspects of your face appear too small or poorly placed in comparison, while a nose that is too small can make other features appear too large. Improving the size and shape of your nose can achieve better facial balance.
Natural-Looking Results
Dr. Perez-Gurri is a recognized talent in the Miami area as a rhinoplasty surgeon. He carefully sculpts the nose to maintain balanced features. The goal of any rhinoplasty is to achieve natural-looking results that enhance your facial features without letting anyone know you underwent surgery.


An unattractive nasal appearance can have a severely negative impact on your confidence and self-image, especially with the nose being in the center of your face. A disproportionately sized nose may create an unbalanced facial appearance, and nasal humps or wide bridges may lead to a shape that is less than desirable. Rhinoplasty with Dr. Perez-Gurri and Dr. Garcia in Miami, is a safe, effective, and permanent method of improving the size and shape of the nose for a more attractive facial appearance.

You may have been born with your unsatisfactory nasal structures. Whether it is unbalanced sizing or a drooping nasal tip, deformities that naturally occur can have a negative impact on your image from a young age.

A poor nose appearance can be the source of anxiety for many teens. Teens who have fully formed noses, which usually occurs between 15 and 17 years of age, can consider rhinoplasty to improve their appearance.

Wide or prominent nasal humps are often the result of trauma to the nose. We see many people with poor nasal structures due to sports injuries or other accidents. Surgery after an injury can restore the look and structures of your nose.







Common concerns

You will go home and rest with your head elevated, and nasal packing will cause you to breathe through your mouth for several days. Bruising and swelling, which are normal, will reach their peak around 48 to 72 hours. This will gradually subside over the next few weeks. Most patients require seven to 14 days of recovery before returning to school or work or driving on their own. You may be able to resume strenuous activity after six weeks.

The visibility of your scarring is dependent on the technique used. A closed technique places all incisions within the nasal passages and conceals all resulting scars. An open technique utilizes a small incision at the outer base of the nose, which may scar slightly. However, this is likely to fade over time.


The cost of your rhinoplasty will depend on the surgery plan, doctor’s experience, and geographic location. Schedule a free consultation to receive a quote.

Patients may experience some pain and discomfort from swelling and bruising. Prescription pain medication can be administered to alleviate any post-surgical discomfort.


Rhinoplasty Financing Options

At Imagos Plastic Surgery, we believe that nobody should face roadblocks when trying to look and feel amazing. We work with our patients to develop financing options that are affordable and convenient for them. Plastic surgery isn’t only for the elite, and that’s why we work with straightforward financing companies that understand the needs of our patients.

Our financial advisors can walk you through all of your options, answering any questions you may have on the way.

We work closely with the leading lenders for the healthcare industry. Since everyone’s credit history and payment options won’t fit a one-size-fits-all plan, we don’t believe in offering only one financing avenue. We work closely with CareCredit®, Alphaeon® Credit, PROSPER, and United Medical Credit to find you the financial solution that meets your needs. You can easily apply and see what you’re approved for by clicking the links below.

Alphaeon Credit Financing CareCredit Financing AvailableUnited Medical Credit

Incisions are placed in or around the nose, revealing the underlying nasal structures. Cartilage is removed, added, or reshaped as necessary to create your ideal nasal appearance.

As with any surgical procedure, rhinoplasty can have some risks and complications, some of which may include:

Contour deformities
Keloid or hypertrophic scars
Nasal congestion/difficulty breathing
Persistent swelling
Pigmentary changes of the skin
Loss of tissue
Inability to differentiate smells

General anesthesia is administered during the surgery.


Many parents would like to help their child look their best, especially if they are faced with negative comments from their peers. However, rhinoplasty shouldn’t be performed on nasal structures that are still developing because there can be additional changes in the nose following surgery. Most teens have fully developed facial features around 15 to 17 years of age, but this can vary among children.


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