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Ultherapy Treatment
in Miami, Florida

If you have had liposuction carried out in the past or plan on undergoing that procedure in the future, then you might want to consider an ultracavitation treatment. Even though liposuction operations and tummy tucks have very high success rates, some patients will develop unwanted side effects following those surgeries. The primary goal of ultrasonic cavitation is to create a smooth and toned appearance by eradicating cellulite and unsightly pockets of fat.


The Science Behind

Over the last few years, non-surgical cosmetic treatments have become incredibly popular. While surgical operations can be highly effective in many situations, patients often wish to avoid the potential side effects of those operations. With ultracavitation, our team can minimize the appearance of excess fat and cellulite in a matter of weeks. Although each patient is unique, the results should last for quite some time with the proper aftercare.

This treatment is based on three separate technologies, and the entire procedure is carried out with an FDA approved handheld transducer. The first thing that the machine will do is destroy localized fat cells with ultrasonic waves. In the weeks following the treatment, the weakened fat cells are going to be naturally metabolized and then expelled from the body. During each ultracavitation treatment, our team is also going to use radiofrequency (RF) energy to gently heat the skin and underlying soft tissue. By heating the skin, we can trigger the production of fresh collagen, and that creates a lifting effect. The final technology that is used is a microcurrent that repairs the outer layers of the skin.

Your Treatment Schedule

Every patient has slightly different needs, and that is why you will need to schedule a preliminary appointment with Dr. Izabella Udler to go over all of your options. The suggested treatment of Ultracavitation is 4-6 sessions. As a general rule, we suggest that our patients carry out at least four ultrasonic cavitation procedures over the course of four weeks. To reduce cellulite that is particularly noticeable, you might need to schedule as many as six appointments. If you are a liposuction patient, then we typically schedule your first appointment two weeks after your procedure. Those treatments should speed up your recovery and improve the final results of the operation.



This treatment only takes a few minutes to carry out, and you should be able to head home within one hour. When you first arrive at the center, you will be taken to a private room where you can get comfortable. One of our team members will then administer a gel to the area that is going to be treated. The procedure itself requires nothing more than a handheld unit that is guided directly over the skin. When the device is turned on, you might notice some warmth around the treatment site. Following the procedure, we will clean the area and you can immediately resume all everyday activities.

There are many different reasons why people throughout the world are now taking a closer look at ultracavitation. Some patients choose this treatment because they want to remove uneven adipose tissue following a fat removal procedure. Ultracavitation after liposuction is very popular, and it could help you deal with various cosmetic problems after your operation. Instead of undergoing a secondary liposuction procedure to tone your skin, we can carry out this non-surgical treatment a few weeks after your initial operation.


Patients also choose this procedure because they want to reduce cellulite in various areas of the body. Even if you haven’t had liposuction carried out, you might still develop the uneven bumps and dimples that are known as cellulite. That unique condition usually isn’t dangerous, but many people find it to be unsightly, and it becomes very difficult to get rid of as you grow older. With this unique treatment, we can address the root causes of your cellulite in order to create long-term changes.


You might also want to undergo fat cavitation treatments if you are tired of excess fat but aren’t ready for liposuction or an abdominoplasty. This procedure allows us to destroy fat cells in localized areas such as the thighs, buttocks, hips, and midsection. After your first round of treatments, some of the fat cells in those areas will shrink while others are going to be destroyed entirely. If you are relatively close to your ideal weight but would like to get rid of small pockets of stubborn body fat, then this might be an ideal treatment option.

One of the reasons why this procedure has exploded in popularity is because the side effects are very minimal. Following each of your appointments, you should be able to resume all of your normal activities. This type of cavitation doesn’t require any incisions, injections, or anesthetics. While you might notice some redness around the treatment site, that discoloration generally disappears almost immediately.

Even though cavitation is completely non-surgical, this procedure should only be carried out by an experienced medical professional. We understand just how important it is for you to have a body that you can be proud of, and we want to ensure that your results are spectacular. Our team undergoes extensive training so that we can provide our patients with world-class results and an unforgettable experience. In addition to offering our patients cavitation treatments, we can also provide you with a wide variety of other services ranging from breast implants to dermal fillers.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

To learn more about the benefits of this procedure number of sessions needed, we invite you to schedule a no-obligation consultation. During that appointment, you will learn more about the many benefits of cavitation so that you can decide if this treatment is a good option for your specific goals. If there are any other procedures that you are interested in, then we can discuss those treatments as well. We are here to help you boost your self-esteem and create the body of your dreams. Please call us today to schedule a complimentary in-person or virtual consultation with Izabella Udler, RRFUCS to determine the best body sculpting procedure for you.


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